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Beer distributor in Andalucia

Dragon Rojo Cerveza is a beer distributor, supplying the best beer from around the world to the bars and restaurants of Andalucia.

We pride ourselves on being the distributor of a great range of Craft Beers in the South of Spain, we offer a huge selection of speciality beers at great prices.

From award winning Belgian Trappist Ales to American Craft Beers and from German Weissbier to Alcoholic Ginger Beers.

As a beer distributor, we deliver throughout the region with unbeatable reliability and look to build long term relationships that will ensure mutual success. With an unbeatable selection of over 1,000 bottled beers, simply contact us and we will bring your favourite beers straight to you.

Check out some of our most popular Belgian beers.
Belgian Beers
Choose from our list of refreshing Ciders & Ginger Beers.
Ciders & Ginger Beers
Check out our great range of Craft Beers and don't miss our low prices.
Craft Beers

Dragon Rojo Cerveza the beer distributor.

From London to Brussels and from Prague to Bavaria, we’ve scoured the highest rated breweries to bring the tastiest beer to the South of Spain. Dragon Rojo Cerveza has been born out of a frustration at the lack of choice that is currently offered by the major spanish breweries. We became a beer distributor because we are beer lovers that have lived in Andalucia for over a decade. We’ve made the job of bringing great quality import beer to the bars of Southern Spain, our personal challenge.

On the subject of quality beer, we are massive fans of the great range of Fullers Beers and so did not hesitate to become the sole distributor for Fullers in the South of Spain. Get in touch to get the best possible prices for these wonderful ales.

Check out our best selling imported beers by country on this website and then contact us to discuss prices and arrange delivery. If you’re unable to find your favourite beer, contact us anyway and let us know what you want so that we can find a way to supply it to you. If you’re looking for a way to introduce imported beer into your business then please get in touch as we can help organise special events that have proven to be both popular and highly profitable.